Eye Specialists of Indiana
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Eye Specialists offers its patients complimentary transportation to and form cataract surgery appointments. Transportation for cataract surgery in Indiana.


As needed and upon request, patients scheduled for cataract evaluation and treatment may use our transportation service. One of our courteous and experienced drivers will pick you up at home on the day of your appointment and drive you home afterward. You can relax comfortably to and from our office without imposing upon family members or experiencing the stress that can accompany travel in an unfamiliar city. One friend or family member is encouraged to travel with you if desired.

“One dynamic that makes our transportation service great is that our drivers are from the same communities as our patients. That commonality helps to put patients at ease, and more times than not, the patients and drivers know one another. I encourage you to use our safe and convenient transportation for your appointments at Eye Specialists of Indiana.” 
 – Brian, Transportation Supervisor