Eye Specialists of Indiana
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Treatment Overview

Best cataract eye doctors in Indiana. Find a doctor for cataracts surgery in Indiana. Eye Specialists of Indiana cataracts experts in eye care.


At Eye Specialist of Indiana, we provide cost-effective treatment for cataracts with a very high success rate. Minimal incision, no-stitch cataract treatment has significantly reduced the risk, recovery time, and inconvenience to our patients. Since introducing this surgical technique to Indiana, ESI has made modern cataract extraction a routine, same-day procedure in most cases.

We co-manage cataract treatment with your family eye doctor and serve as an extension of his or her services. This practice ensures that your family eye doctor stays involved, resulting in the most comprehensive eye care possible.

With the advice and recommendation of your family eye doctor, Eye Specialists of Indiana will customize the lens implant and surgical technique to fit your individual needs. This enables your eye doctor to predict your post cataract treatment prescription according to your visual preferences. Following surgery, most patients will enjoy thinner glasses and a more balanced prescription between the eyes. In some cases, patients will be less dependent on glasses for daily activities.

Our doctors welcome the opportunity to help you understand cataract treatment options and answer any questions you may have so that you and your family eye doctor, together, can make an informed decision when considering cataract surgery.